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Cleo (foster daughter)
Gandhi (former foster son)
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Nicole Sullivan

Cleo's Foster Mom is the unnamed foster mother of Cleopatra and currently houses Joan of Arc and Toots. She is a drunken slut, who abuses her daughter.


Cleo's Foster Mom is a dumb, drunken slut, who verbally abuses her daughter, being jealous of her for how much more beautiful she is, compared to herself. She is always completely intoxicated and has never had a sober moment on screen. Cleo's Foster Mom is woefully incapable of controlling her libido, as she makes frequent sexual passes at people during inappropriate times and have even exhibited not-so-subtle signs of ephebophilia towards Abe.



Cleo is Cleo's Foster Mom's foster daughter. Cleo's Foster Mom is jealous of Cleo's beauty, popularity, and relationship with Abe. It reminds her of her former self.


In "A Room of One's Clone: The Pie of the Storm", she and Toots started dating. When Joan's House burned down, she allowed Toots and Joan to live with her and Cleo at Cleo's House. Since then, they've been boyfriend and girlfriend, sharing the same living environment. They could possibly be headed toward marriage and starting a blended family.

Joan of Arc

She never really acknowledges Joan, but doesn't seem to mind her presence. After all, she did allow her to live in her house. She'll likely have no problem accepting her as a step-daughter, should she and Toots get married.

Abe Lincoln

Cleo's Foster Mom has expressed sexual and romantic feelings for Abe, apparently seeing in him, the same thing Cleo does. She makes passes at him, which are always ignored. In "Plane Crazy: Gate Expectations", when Abe called her, asking where Cleo was. She told him that she left and tried to get him to think that she'd be dumping him too. She then invites Abe over to "party". In "A Room of One's Clone: The Pie of the Storm", she asks Abe to play spin the bottle with her. Her love for Abe is derived from her singularity and need for a husband. Now, however, these feelings are most likely no more, since she's now happily dating Toots.


As mentioned by Gandhi in "Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand", Gandhi was her foster son for ten years, but Cleo convinced her that he wasn't good enough for her image and had him transferred to another home. Her abusive nature doesn't seem to have the same affect on Gandhi as it did on Cleo, showing that she was and is somewhat prejudiced toward him.

Episode Appearances


  • In "Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand", it was revealed that she used to also be the foster mother of Gandhi for 10 years, before getting rid of him.
    • She may have married at one time as Gandhi said that Cleo convinced her "parents" to disown him.
  • She's hinted many times that she has either romantic or sexual feelings for Abe Lincoln.