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Film Fest: Tears of a Clone

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Airdate (Canada)
November 17, 2002
Airdate (United States)
February 10, 2003

Film Fest: Tears of a Clone is the fourth episode of Clone High. It was written by Erica Rivinoja.

The episode premiered on Teletoon in Canada on November 17, 2002.


The school holds a film fest and Joan, Gandhi, Abe, George Washington Carver, JFK and Cleo all submit films. Meanwhile, Scudworth gets ready for the Board of Shadowy Figures to come to dinner.




Major Roles

Minor Roles




  • Cleo and JFK are still not on good terms, after breaking up in the last episode.

Cultural References

  • Principal Scudworth likes Olive Garden, because it feels like he's eating in a stereotypical Italian's kitchen.
  • JFK refers to his couch as the "Casting Couch", in reference to a video trend, made mostly popular on PornHub, where amateur girls sit on a couch, interviewing to be porn stars, and then prove their skills by having sex with the interviewer. This is pretty much the same thing JFK was doing for his "movie", which very well could have been a porno.
  • Cleo promises that her movie will involve a soundtrack from SmashMouth.
  • Cleopatra's movie and the production that goes into it is a reference to the epic produce by FOX in 1963, which had its trims and outs destroyed by the company in order to save costs.

Historical References

  • Shadowy Figure tells Scudworth, that he's walking on "Karen Carpenter thin ice". This is a reference to Karen Carpenter becoming an anorexic.
  • After breaking into the TV/AV room, Julius Caesar exists with books instead and exclaims “YAH, BOOKS!” which is very likely a reference to the burning of the library of Alexandria, which the real life Julius Caesar is known for: causing a fire during a battle that destroyed a relatively large part of the library.
  • Abe mentions that Mother Teresa is working on a violent teen slasher sex romp, which directly contrasts with the personality of her clonemother, who was a very kind-hearted and saintly woman who would never dream of killing and took a vow of celibacy.
  • Cleopatra's movie features her being treated as an Egyptian goddess, fitting for her character.
  • Similar to the Mother Teresa gag, Adolf Hitler appears in the audience and is seen with a peace sign on his armband, rather than a swastika, implying that he's a very peaceful man, which of course, directly contrasts with his clonefather's hateful bigotry and philosophy that war is the solution to life's problems.



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