Helen of Troy

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Helen of Troy
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Helen of Troy (clone mother)
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Helen of Troy is a clone of the mythological character, Helen of Troy. She is a popular girl and girlfriend of Cleopatra's.


In "Makeover Makeover Makeover: the Makeover Episode", Nostradamus tried to ask her out as his prom date by appearing in a Trojan horse and then appearing out of an actual horse. First Helen saw this as sweet, but then Nostradamus had went out the mare's stomach, killing her, and held an unborn baby horse fetus which asked Helen for prom night. Disgusted, Helen rejected him and Nostradamus told her that he knew she'd reject him in the first place, making the mutilation of the pregnant horse completely pointless.

In "Changes: The Big Prom: The Sex Romp: The Season Finale", Helen of Troy was seen at the prom.


Helen of Troy is a teenage Caucasian female with big, vibrant, curly red hair. She has a pointed chin. She has bright red lips, black eyeliner, golden jewelry, sky blue socks, navy blue shoes, and a white toga with a blue wavy trim.


Helen is a popular girl and a member of Cleopatra's inner circle of popular friends. Though Helen is pretty she is not considered as beautiful as her clone mother.


  • Helen of Troy is the only known clone to be taken from a fictional character.
    • As Helen of Troy is a mythological person, it is unknown how she was cloned in this universe.
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