Henry Rathbone

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Henry Rathbone is the clone of military diplomat and witness of the Lincoln assassination, Henry Reed Rathbone. He appeared in the background of "Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand".


In the episode "Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand", Henry was at JFK's party. When Abe got arrested by the Sheriff, he first watched in awe and heard Abe out, when he explained his reasons for buying non-alcoholic beer. Instantly after Abe's speech, Henry pointed and laughed at him for his lameness. As he did, the position he held his pointing arm in, emulated the depiction of himself in the famous print, depicting him, witnessing the Lincoln Assasination.


  • He is one of the very few clones, aside from Abe, whose clonefather has been physically featured in an episode. In this case, his clonefather, by technicality, was seen in a picture in "Episode Two: Election Blu-Galoo". Albeit, this was only a painting and the clonefather never served an actual role in the episode.
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