Homecoming: A Shot in D'arc

Clearer Shot in Darc


Homecoming: A Shot in D'Arc is the sixth episode of Clone High. It was written by Eric Kentoff.


Joan wants to play on the basketball team, but the rules don't allow girls or animals to play, so she dresses up as a boy and calls herself "John D'arc", who JFK finds himself strangely attracted to. Meanwhile the principal of Gesh bets Scudworth that the clones cant score a single point. Also Gandhi forms a relationship with Gesh's mascot, Geshy.




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  • The title is a pun on the phrase, "A Shot in the Dark".
  • Clone High High School has a basketball team. Members include:
  • First major appearance of Clone High's mascot, DNA Dan. DNA Dan is portrayed by Gandhi in costume.
  • Clone High has a rival school, called GESH High School. Like how Clone High is filled with genetic clones of historic figures, GESH is full of genetically modified students.
  • Gandhi refers to himself as "Beige", for being an Indian.
  • Joan of Arc is revealed to be very skilled at basketball. Contrarily, Abe Lincoln is very bad at it.
  • First appearance of Joan's House.
  • Toots has a Ichthys on the back of his car, implying that he is a devout Christian, despite his daughter firmly identifying as an Atheist.
  • Principal Scudworth is revealed to have had a son before, and possibly more. Colonel Principal told him that the last time they made a bet, Scudworth wagered his first-born child, Brian, and lost. When Colonel Principal got a hold of Brian, he killed him, turned him into meat, and ate him.
  • JFK finds "Joan D'arc" attractive, not realizing "he" is a she. This gets him to reconsider his sexuality.
  • It's revealed Napoleon Bonaparte has a really small penis, implied when Joan laughed at him, walking around naked in the locker room. On the contrary, Genghis Khan has an extremely massive penis that presumably drags behind him when he walks, and made the sound of a boulder being moved, when he walked around the locker room, naked.
  • Abe Lincoln briefly considers dating Joan for the first time in this episode, and says "Somehow, that doesn't sound so crazy." However, he still stayed loyal to Cleo and didn't go too in-depth with this thought.
  • Cleo hints at being bisexual, when she gets slightly aroused by the thought of doing with with Joan.


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  • Gandhi said that "If Mahatma Gandhi stands for anything, it's revenge!", which is the exact opposite of what the real Mahatma Gandhi stood for.
  • Joan of Arc mentions her clonemother getting burned at the stake.