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Isaac Newton is a clone of the natural philosopher, Sir Isaac Newton. He is a student at Clone High High School. He appeared in "Film Fest: Tears of a Clone".


In "Film Fest: Tears of a Clone", Abe made him a major action in his independent film. He was given the quote, "There's nothing in the rule book that says a giraffe can't play football.", but said it with almost monotonous expression. Abe instructed him to be more emotional. Isaac repeated the line, this time putting expression on odd syllables of his sentence. This got a slow clap from Abe.

Apparently, Isaac's half-assed acting was enough to make the final cut, as that's how he was speaking when the final draft of film was shown to the audience. At the end of the film, the Giraffe was taken away by an alien spacecraft, and as it was, Isaac Newton's character, said "He is going home." in another oddly toned way, while he held a flag with a picture of the giraffe on it.


  • He is blond unlike his clonefather, who was described as having brown hair (before it turned grey/white).