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Jesús Cristo

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Jesus Christ (Clone Father)
Jeff Garcia
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Jesús Cristo is a student at Clone High High School and a clone of the legendary religious figure, Jesus of Nazareth.


In "A.D.D.: the Last D is for Disorder", Jesus was working in woodshop, when Joan asked him what he knew about the original Jean D'arc. Jesus said he saw a movie about her and explained that she heard religious voices, and got burned at the stake. Joan said that she was hearing religious voices and didn't know what to do. Jesus told her to follow them because God has a painful plan for everyone. He then accidentally impaled his hand with a nail gun. He was later seen in the audience, when Joan found out that her voices were just her braces picking up on a Christian radio station. However, he was more shocked to hear that Jerome had hooked up with Lupe.

In "Film Fest: Tears of a Clone", he was in the audience of the film fest.

In "Sleep of Faith: La Ru D'Awakening", he was cheering at the starting line of Abe and JFK's drag race.

In "Raisin the Stakes: A Rock Opera in Three Acts", he was in JFK's Van, smoking Raisins.

In "Litter Kills: Litterally", he attended Ponce's funeral.

In "Changes: The Big Prom: The Sex Romp: The Season Finale", he was in the meat locker, being frozen.


Jesús is a clone of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Unlike the original Jesus, however, he is depicted as Hispanic probably due to the fact that "Jesús" is a common Hispanic boys' name. He wears a halo on his head and a black beanie cap, along with a blue jacket.


Jesus is extremely pious and is never shy about bringing religion and God into the conversation. He tries to live up to his clone-father by obeying the word of his grandfather. This causes him to do ridiculous things, just because he thinks God tells him to do so. Jesus is obsessed with the religion built around his clone-father, but still shows how much of a typical high school kid he is by watching movies about historic Christian figures, instead of reading the (Good) book.

Interpersonally, he is a nice and respectful individual and doesn't discriminate or look down on others.

Episode Appearances


  • His name is Spanish for Jesus Christ, and the other characters will call him by the Spanish pronunciation.
  • He is Hispanic unlike his clonefather, who was a Jew.
  • He's part of the woodshop class, in reference to Jesus Christ being a carpenter.
  • He also impaled his hand with a nail gun, in reference to Jesus' crucifixion.
  • In "Raisin the Stakes: A Rock Opera in Three Acts", a lot of Jesus symbolism was used, on Abe Lincoln.