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Krabby Kakes is a pesky crab, who toyed with Principal Scudworth. He appeared at the end of "Plane Crazy: Gate Expectations".


In "Plane Crazy: Gate Expectations", after a horrible past few days, getting tortured by Skunky-Poo, Principal Scudworth finally took a much needed vacation, where he asked the cabana boy to give him a hot dog with catsup. The cabana boy brought him a hot dog with a stick of dynamite in the place of catsup. Principal Scudworth couldn't figure out why his catsup was clogged by a lit fuse until it blew up in his face and put him through the same agonizing pain and extremely real irreversible injuries that Skunky-Poo had put him through. The cabana boy took of his disguise to reveal that he was actually Krabby Kakes in costume, telling Principal Scudworth his famous catchphrase, "You've got crabs, ass-face!" before zipping up to him and pinching his nose off and running away, laughing. This begat the Scudworth and Krabby Kakes episodes "Help! I Got Crabs", which ended off the story with one comical "here we go again" gag.


  • His name is a pun on "Crab Cake".
  • The cute spelling of his name may be an allusion to Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants.