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Marie Antoinette is a clone of the original Marie Antoinette.


She is one of the popular kids. She has an after-school job at the Grassy Knoll as a waitress. In episode twelve her head gets cut off, but this does not kill her. She speaks with a French accent although the original Marie Antoinette was Austrian. This is also ironic, considering how Joan is french and she does not have the french accent.


Marie Antoinette has big, beehive-styled blonde hair with rolled locks at the sides, freckles on her right cheek and a small heart on her left cheek and breast ( a birthmark ). She wears a pink shirt with cap sleeves, dark pink pants, and a pink choker. As a waitress at the Grassy Knoll, she wears the standard Grassy Knoll uniform.

Episodes Where She is Prominent

A Room Of Ones Clone: Pie of the Storm -Is the subject of JFK and Gandhi's boob jokes

Makeover Makeover Makeover: The Makeover Episode -Is decapitated, but back to life in the next episode.