Mr. Sheepman

Mr Sheepman

History Teacher
First Appearance:
Voiced By:
Andy Dick

Mr. Sheepman is the teacher of the main cast's homeroom class at Clone High. He is a crossbred clone, comprised of human and a sheep DNA. He first appeared in "Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand". He is voiced by Andy Dick.


In "Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand", he introduced himself to the class on the first day of school. He was also the only other member of Joan's teen crisis service, other than Gandhi and Joan of Arc, herself.

IN "A.D.D.: the Last D is for Disorder", Gandhi pissed him off in class, when he was supposed to be taking a test and eventually got himself sent to Principal Scudworth's office.

In "Film Fest: Tears of a Clone", he was the "Care-iff", explaining to students how it's wrong to throw riots during school events and then got the idea to start up a movie club, as a healthier outlet for the students' "creative energy".

In "A Room of One's Clone: The Pie of the Storm", he Moses and Martin Luther King, Jr. about overcoming conflicts.

In "Litter Kills: Litterally", he made a crowd cameo, as he attended Ponce de Leon's funeral.

In "Changes: The Big Prom: The Sex Romp: The Season Finale", he read the winner of the prom king competition. He was about to announce the winner as Scudworth, before John Stamos busted in and immediately got himself the award. He was later frozen in the meat locker.

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  • Although, he's not a direct clone of any real famous people or animals, the concept of his creation is based off of the 1996 cloning experiment of Dolly the Sheep. A female domestic sheep, known for being the first animal ever cloned.