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Normal is a song sung by everyone at Clone High High School at the beginning of "Raisin the Stakes: A Rock Opera in Three Acts".


Gandhi: Everything's normal, nobody's mopin'.
JFK: Let's take it for granted. The campus is open.
Julius: Our freedom will be here. That is a given.
Scudworth: I'm Principal Scudworth. To power, I'm driven...
Abe: Cleo, only Cleo.
Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo.
Cleo: Cleo, only Cleo.
Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo.
Joan: A~A~A~Abe.
Everyone: Organically awesome, fantastical bliss.
If something bad happens.
The Pusher: It probably sounds like this!
Everyone: Normal!