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Skunky-Poo is a rascally skunk, who pestered Principal Scudworth. He appeared in "Plane Crazy: Gate Expectations".


In "Plane Crazy: Gate Expectations", Skunky-Poo snuck into the school, while Principal Scudworth while he was trying to perform surgery on some clones. Unable to work under those conditions, Principal Scudworth tried to catch him with a net to throw him out but he caught a stick of dynamite instead and got blown up. Skunky-Poo jumped up on him and quoted his famous catchphrase, "Try and catch me, bitch!" as he farted in his face. This begat the "Scudworth & Skunky-Poo" episode, "Love Stinks". Scudworth did his surgery in an expensive china store, where Skunky-Poo snuck up on him again, this time, dressed as a pretty Victorian-era lady. Principal Scudworth fell head over heels for this pretty lady and went up to her to flirt. Skunky-Poo dropped a stick of dynamite like it was a handkerchief and Principal Scudworth went to pick it up for him, thinking he was a she. Naturally, Principal Scudworth underwent a great deal of insufferable and agonizing pain, which was only made worse, when Skunky-Poo farted on him and quoted his catchphrase, "Try and catch me, bitch!" Later, Scudworth went out into the Wile E. Coyote canyons and left out a plate of bacon for Skunky-Poo with a "Free Bacon" sign on it. The bacon was hooked up to a trap that would drop an anvil on his head, once Skunky-Poo got to it, he vandalized the sign to say "Free Bacon for Scudworths". When Principal Scudworth saw this, he got suckered into his own trap and got crushed by his anvil, which caused him to deal with monumental amounts of pain and severe brain injuries that would most likely last for life. Principal Scudworth tried to eat the bacon to ease the pain but ended up eating a dynamite stick by mistake and blew his face up, permanently mutilating his face even more. To add insult to injury, Skunky-Poo slid up to Scudworth and farted in his face again. Principal Scudworth went on vacation but was stopped by Skunky-Poo, rushing to see him one last time, begging him not to get on that plane. Principal Scudworth got excited to see him, thinking he was going to apologize and make amends for how he treated him in the past but this was all just a fake-out as Skunky-Poo just called him a "Bitch" one last time, making Scudworth hang his head and sadness and leave. When Principal Scudworth thought he was rid of Skunky-Poo, this same wacky dynamite torture happened to him, once he met his new Looney Tunes rival, Krabby Kakes.


  • He is a parody on Road Runner from Looney Tunes, with Scudworth assuming the role of Wile E. Coyote.

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