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Snowflake Day: A Very Special Holiday Special

Snowflake Dance Party.jpg

Airdate (Canada)
April 13, 2003
Airdate (United States)
2016 (MTV Classic)

Snowflake Day: A Very Special Holiday Special is the eleventh episode of Clone High. It was written by Erica Rivinoja.

The episode premiered on Teletoon in Canada on April 13, 2003.


On a very special holiday episode of Clone High, it's the non-religion-specific Snowflake Day and Abe needs to find the perfect expensive gift for Cleo.


It's the non-religion-specific Snowflake Day, and Cleo really wants an expensive gift, so Abe and Gandhi get jobs, but when working proves too hard for them, they instead try to market their new invention, the Knork. They abandoned the invention because of the injuries Abe sustained from it when it was showcased to a crowd, and just the overall hazard. Meanwhile, Joan is sick of Snowflake Day, but meets and converses with an attractive teenager in a dumpster, who just so happens to be celebrity Mandy Moore, from which she gets the objective of "peppering their (those enthusiastic of the holiday) precious Snowflake Day, with a little slice of sabotage pie!". After an attempt at sabotaging Cleo's creations, Moore shows Joan the Snowflake Day spirit, and gives her a better outlook on the holiday.


Major Roles

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  • In Canada, due to the episode not lining up with Christmas in the airing schedule, "Snowflake Day: A Very Special Holiday Special" was skipped over and intended to air on the Christmas of the following year. Due to several complaints from fans, Teletoon decided to air the episode early, on April 13, 2003. At this point, the season finale, "Changes: The Big Prom: The Sex Romp: The Season Finale", had already aired a month ago, technically making this the season finale and causing a continuity error in the Canadian broadcast.
    • Although this episode premiered in 2003, it was produced in 2002 according to the credits. It was also the final episode produced in 2002.
  • This episode never aired in the United States until 2016 on MTV Classic.
  • First, and so far, only holiday-themed episode of Clone High.
  • All religious holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa have been banned, and replaced with the politically correct, all-inclusive "Snowflake Day".
  • It is revealed that Abe is a Christian.
  • Abe said that Napoleon Bonaparte had "some sort of a complex", but failed to understand what it was. This is a reference to a Napoleon Complex, where someone acts very superior and dominant, to hide their shame in their short height.
  • The Knork, which is a combination of a fork and a knife is a parody of the spork, a spoon and fork.


  • JFK releases a holiday album for Snowflake Day. It was mentioned in "Plane Crazy: Gate Expectations" that JFK records a music album for every holiday, when it comes by.
    • He also laughed at the double-entendre of the lyric "gay apparel" in this episode, in the same way he laughed at "Upon the Fruited Plain" in the last episode.

Cultural References

  • Gandhi mentioned Bill Gates and Will Smith.
  • JFK's album includes parodies of Jingle Bells, Oh Holy Night, Dreidle Dreidle Driedle, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer and other holiday songs.
  • Cleo says she bought the Knork at "the Sharper Image", which is a chain of stores that sells trendy gadgets.


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