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The Shadowy Figure is chief director of The Secret Board of Shadowy Figures and an antagonist of Clone High. He is voiced by Bill Lawrence.


The Shadowy Figure runs The Secret Board of Shadowy Figures and various secretive operations on the sidelines. His main goal is to have the students of Clone High fully prepped to be used in military warfare. He however is not very hands-on about the procedure himself and has Principal Scudworth employed to oversee everything instead. He is rarely seen in person and only communicates with Scudworth via Skype call. The only times he appears in person is if the situation is urgent, such as in "Film Fest: Tears of a Clone", or "Changes: The Big Prom: The Sex Romp: The Season Finale", when he decided to kill Scudworth in person. The Shadowy Figure is unaware that Principal Scudworth is secretly planning to steal all the students of Clone High High School away from The Secret Board of Shadowy Figures and force them to work as attractions for a theme park called Cloney Island but he has his suspicions that he's up to something. So, he's hired many celebrities to go to Clone High High School and spy on him.


The Shadowy Figure sports a flattop buzz cut and is seen with the same blue paramilitary uniform as the rest of The Board but with an additional ribbon bar and medals, along with an aiguillette. He has a tall rigid physique and has been shown to be the tallest out of The Board members. Has a slightly dark skin tone.


The Shadowy Figure is shown to be a menacing yet deadpan individual who's very blunt and manipulative. He is a little home of tasteful. He threatens violence and uses his authority against others to get the point across frequently but his cold nature is just as effective.


Principal Scudworth

The Shadowy Figure supervises Principal Scudworth and sees how he runs Clone High. However, he has little to no respect for him, being well aware of Scudworth's mental instability and incompetence and even has the sneaking suspicion that he's up to something mischievous. His worries are justified as Scudworth is trying to steal the clones from Clone High and use them as attractions for his amusement park, against his wishes, unbeknownst to him. For the most part, The Shadowy Figure has shown him amnesty and has given him numerous chances to redeem himself, albeit sending in numerous undercover spies to the school to closer monitor his questionable behavior. In "Changes: The Big Prom: The Sex Romp: The Season Finale", The Shadowy Figure finally decides to terminate Scudworth and take the clones away from him for experimentation after finding out about Scudworth's videotape titled "Cloney Island: My Plan To Steal The Clones Away From The Shadowy Board: The Movie".

Mr. Butlertron

Unlike Principal Scudworth, The Shadowy Figure actually kind of likes Mr. Butlertron, finding him charming and amusing. In "Film Fest: Tears of a Clone", The Shadowy Figure went down to Scudworth's House to kill him but when Mr. Butlertron started entertaining him, he laughed so much he decided to let Scudworth live.


  • His favorite restaurant is "Applebee's". This also explains why he does not like to go to Olive Garden when Scudworth politely asked him to come with.