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"I may be blind ... "
―Toots' catchphrase, which he opens many of his speeches with.


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Joan of Arc (foster granddaughter)
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Toots is Joan of Arc's foster grandfather. He is a blind African-American jazz oboe player, who gives Joan grandfatherly advice. He is currently dating Cleo's Foster Mom.


In "A.D.D.: the Last D is for Disorder", Toots introduced himself during a PTA meeting about Gandhi having A.D.D. and it's hyperactive cousin, A.D.H.D.. He said that despite being blind, he can see that everybody is making decisions based on fear and ignorance. Toots admits that he only came into this meeting because he was trying to go to Giovanni's Italian restaurant. After realizing his mistake, he left and everybody went back to rioting against Gandhi again.

In "Homecoming: A Shot in D'Arc", Toots drives home and ran over a trash can. When he hears that Joan isn't being accepted onto the basketball team because she's a girl, Toots tells her that when he was her age, he couldn't play on the basketball team because he was black but still broke the barriers anyway and encouraged Joan to do the same. Toots threw the basketball behind him and scored a goal perfectly, claiming that he's still got it after all these years. Toots then walked directly into a wall.

In "A Room of One's Clone: The Pie of the Storm", Toots noticed how chilly the hurricane was, not realizing he was sitting in front of the opened refrigerator. When Joan was afraid her house would be destroyed, Toots told her that he built the house like Noah's ark and it would never be flooded, only for it to catch on fire and burn down when struck by lightning. While the house was destroyed, Toots lived under the bleachers at Clone High High School with Joan. All hope was not lost as Toots announced that he had started dating Cleo's Drunk Foster Mom, meaning that they'll be moving into her house with Joan's worst enemy, Cleopatra. Unfortunately, Toots was blind to Joan's pain. Toots was very much in love with Cleo's Drunk Foster Mom and was very open and unfiltered about his sexual exploits with her, even while Joan was present. Toots would also have BSDM sex with Cleo's Drunk Foster Mom.

In "Snowflake Day: A Very Special Holiday Special", Toots was blind to how much Joan hated Snowflake Day and when she was sad and upset, all Toots could think of doing was dancing the cabbage patch. Toots went out into the cold weather to look for Joan and mistook a Cougar for her and took it home with him. This cougar would chew through Toots' achilles tendon, prompting Toots to shoot it to death, while still believing it to be Joan. Toots was surprised to see Joan return home after he previously thought he had killed her but was happy to see her nonetheless.

In "Makeover Makeover Makeover: the Makeover Episode", Toots heard Joan crying and assumed she was laughing and then started telling her jokes about Popes. When Joan explained that she was sad about Abe not loving her back, Toots had the idea to give her a makeover. However, on account of Toots' blindness, he botched her makeover horribly. Not only did he mutilate Cleo's pet poodle by mistake but he also got himself hit by a truck, while balancing books on his head. When the makeover was over, Joan was surrounded by a dress of tires, wearing a torn up and stained shirt, all topped off with a football helmet, which only made her cry even more. Toots assumed she was laughing again and went off to his tennis match, using a pickax as a tennis racket. When Cleo presented Joan's brand new and final makeover, Toots stared in awe at a wall. After taking a picture of his beautiful granddaughter before she went off to prom, Toots said that he was off to go watch a silent movie and then threw a basketball out the door, mistaking it for Joan and then one again, crashed into a wall.


Toots is an elderly African-American blind man with a balding head of curly gray hair and a little soul patch on his chin. He wears black sunglasses, a black tuxedo with a pink shirt, and a tan straw hat with a magenta stripe. Toots always carries around a black clarinet, which he uses as a walking stick. Under his glasses, Toots has two big brown holes in his face, where one's eyes would usually be.


Toots is a stupid, clumsy, and possibly senile blind man, who makes constant buffoonish mistakes on account of his lack of vision, many of which result in himself or others getting hurt. As a blind man, Toots is very poorly trained and fails to accept the limitations of his disability, making him feel as though it's okay for him to drive. However, he is still a very kind and loving grandfather to his adopted clone, Joan of Arc, except for that time he demonstrated having no problem with murdering her in "Snowflake Day: A Very Special Holiday Special". At many times, Toots can be a very wise and knowledgeable man, who gives Joan advice all the time. However, Joan usually fails to understand him and so this blind man's advice falls on deaf ears. Toots is blind not only physically but also metaphorically. He's bad at reading emotions and constantly fails to notice when his daughter is in times of distress and always assumes she's in a happy mood.

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  • Toots resembles blind African-American jazz musician, Ray Charles.
  • Toots is possibly a devout Christian as he has a golden Jesus Fish (Ichthys) on the trunk of his yellow station wagon.
  • Despite his blindness causing him to fuck up even the most menial of tasks, Toots is surprisingly very good at basketball.
  • Toots built his house all by himself.
  • Some of Toots' hobbies include playing tennis, watching silent movies, and telling jokes about Popes.