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Wally (left) and Carl (right)

Wally and Carl are JFK's foster parents. They are two gay dads, who contrast greatly in personality. Wally and Carl are voiced by Donald Faison and Neil Flynn, respectively.


Carl is a tough, burly man who is portrayed with a black eye and a heart tattoo, although his design and introductory lines would imply that he's a brute, Carl has been shown making jokes with his family and having physically affectionate moments with Wally. He struggles to accept JFKs heterosexuality, yet he is still shown to care for him.

Wally is shown to be more maternal and plays the good cop to Carl's bad cop, being more tolerant and accepting of JFK's sexual orientation, stating that his heterosexuality isn't a choice. Wally is shown in Homecoming as well as Escape to Beer Mountain that he is comfortable giving his son a range of advice when he needs help. Wally is shown to have knowledge on JFK's clone father, as well as being supportive of JFK testing the waters of watching Will and Grace with them.

They are both shown to be involved in their son's life, as shown in Raisin the Stakes: A Rock Opera in Three Acts, together they hold two-thirds of the PTA governing committee.


  • JFK- John F Kennedy is their foster son, whom they are shown to have a loving relationship with. They are shown to have a lot of affection towards him, and both refer to JFK as having the "voice of an angel" in Snowflake Day, but were caught speechless at JFK's homophobic joke following it. In Escape to Beer Mountain, JFK appears to be close and open to them as he lets them know that he'll be busy for the next 15 minutes banging Joan and will be unable to join them at dinner.

Episode Appearances


  • Since they're a same-sex couple, it's possible their main reason for becoming foster parents of a genetic clone, is so that they could have a child.
  • In A.D.D.: the Last D is for Disorder, they were shown to make the seemingly final vote to form a mob to protect the students from Gandhi's ADHD, suggesting that they hold their sons best intentions in mind.
  • JFK is the only Clone High student to refer to their foster parents as just parents, showcased by him just calling them "Dads" on occasion.
  • They are both wearing red lipstick in the first episode but only in the first episode.